Event Date Venue Organizer
2. Coordinator briefing 15.11.2013 Brussel RESEARCH EXECUTIVE AGENCY
3. 1st General Assembly Meeting 2.7.2014 Graz ViF @ISNVH2014
4. 2st General Assembly Meeting &
1st technical Workshop
 25.-27.8.2014  Paris ENSTA
5. 3rd General Assembly Meeting &
2nd technical Workshop
8.-10.1.2015 Detmold HfM
6. Mid-Term Review Meeting,
4th General Assembly Meeting &
3rd technical Workshop
 16.-17.6.2015  Graz ViF
7. 1st Public Tutorial Course 16.-19.9.2015    Vienna MDW
8. 5th General Assembly Meeting &
4th technical Workshop
25.-27.1.2016      Eindhoven TUe
9. 6th General Assembly Meeting &
5th technical Workshop
21.9.2016  Leuven  KUL
  1. 1st Public Tutorial Course, September 16.-19., 2015, MDW, Vienna, AT

1st BATWOMAN Public Tutorial Course was hold in Frame of “3rd Vienna Talk” in Vienna at September, 16.-19., 2015 organised by MDW. Around 15 external participants followed the public lectures.

  1. Mid Term Review Meeting, 4th GA & 3rd techn. WS, June 16.-17., 2015, ViF, Graz, AT

The Mid Term Review Meeting including 4th General Assembly Meeting was held in Graz on 16.-17.6.2015. In conjunction with the meeting, the 3rd technical Workshop took place. The consortium was very happy to welcome all partners with their fellows and PO “Conchita” Perez-Camaras, as well as Prof. Ewald Benes as external reviewer. At the 3rd very successful technical Workshop fellows presented their topics with some very promising results.

  1. 3rd General Assembly Meeting & 2nd technical Workshop, Januar 8.-10., 2015, HfM, Detmold, DE

The 3rd General Assembly and 2nd technical Workshop of the BATWOMAN project took place on 8.1.2015 hosted by the Hochschule für Musik, Detmold, DE in the frame of tree day BATWOMAN event, held from 8.-10.1.2015. Next to the GA meeting and techn. WS, the 2nd BATWOMAN seminar and Organ Concert in Konzerthaus Detmold ware organised as well. Thank very much to our host HfM for all their organisational effort.

On Friday January, 9th three presentations and one demonstration were scheduled, given by four instructors from Universities and a company. The first presentation was given by Prof. Dr. Jesko Verhey, chair of the section “experimental audiology” at Magdeburg University. The content covers an introduction into planning, practical questions and evaluation of listening tests. This presentation was used to prepare the listening tests that were performed on Saturday in the Detmold Konzerthaus.

The presentation of Dr. Eckard Mommertz was an introduction in the acoustics of performance spaces. Dr. Mommertz also gave practical examples from his consultancy work at the company Müller-BBM.

The Ph.D. student and ESR Winfried Lachenmayr demonstrated the practical use of room acoustic enhancement systems using the VIVACE system in the Detmold Konzerthaus.

Prof. Dr. Tapio Lokki, head of the Virtual Acoustics Team at Aalto University in Finland, gave an introductory talk on the methodology and results of the “Virual Orchestra-Tour 2012”. During this unique performance a collection of 3D room impulse responses was made in numerous European concert halls. The results enable listeners to listen to several orchestra music performances at arbitrary positions within these halls. During the seminar, a room was available to have an impression of some sound examples.

On Saturday January, 10th Tapio Lokki conducted a student seminar that consisted of two parts. In the morning several sound sources were installed in the concert house, using real instruments, loudspeakers and focussed virtual sources. The participants of the seminar were evaluate the sound of these sources with respect to various acoustic and aesthetic parameters. The outcome of the listening test was then evaluated and discussed in the second part of the seminar.

In the last time slot at the end of the seminar students and docents were discuss potential perspectives of future research and teaching in the frame of virtual acoustics and the BATWOMAN project.

On the two evenings during the seminar an organ concert was performed on Thursday in the concert house. For the concert of Daria Burlak the room acoustics was adopted for an optimal impression. The second concert was given in the Sommertheater next to the concert house and presents music performed by Leonardo Papa (Viola) and the vocal ensemble MAENNER.

  1. 2nd General Assembly Meeting & 1st technical Workshop, August 25.-27., 2014, ENSTA, Paris, FR

The 2nd GA and 1st technical Workshop of the BATWOMAN project, including one day of public lectures took place at ENSTA, Paris, FR on August, 25-27, 2014. The consortium is very happy to welcome all fellows who participate at the meeting for the first time. At 1st techn. WS partners and fellows presented their institution and their topics with first very promising results. Huge favour from around 30 participants found also public lectures which were offered by ENSTA as additional program. Thank very much to our host ENSTA for all their organisational effort.

  1. 1st General Assembly Meeting, July 2, 2014 @ISNVH, GRAZ, AT

The 1st BATWOMAN General Assembly Meeting took place on the 2nd of July 2014 at ISNVH Conference in Graz, AT organised by VIF.

  1. Coordinator briefing Brussels

The Coordinators Briefing took place on 15th of November 2013 in Brussels, the BATWOMAN team was presented by Michael Nöst, Martin Wifling and Michaela Kreindl (VIRTUAL VEHICLE).

  1. BATWOMAN Kick-Off meeting, October 23, 2013, MDW, Vienna, AT

The Kick-Off of the BATWOMAN project took place on the 23th of October 2013 at UNIVERSITY OF MUSIC AND PERFORMING ARTS (MDW) in Vienna. The main focus of this meeting was to meet “all” consortium partners face to face, to discuss on major communication rules as well as to decide on the board committee. Many thanks to our host MDW in Vienna, specially to Prof. Kausel und Prof. Widholm.