Project full title:

Basic Acoustics Training – & Workprogram On Methodologies for Acoustics – Network

The BATWOMAN ITN aims at structuring research training in basic and advanced acoustics and setting up a work program on methodologies for acoustics for skills development in a highly diverse research field offering multiple career options.
The consortium consists of renowned public and private partners from musical acoustics, room acoustics and automotive acoustics who will merge their existing knowledge, extend it jointly and complement it with insights of recent sound perception research. This will exploit existing synergies and overcome obvious fragmentation in research, methodology and basic as well as advanced acoustics training. Providing interdisciplinary training and joining or exchanging methodology in research, is expected to have a strong impact on the skills of trained researchers as far as sound design capabilities, modelling accuracy,  efficiency and applicable frequency range is concerned. Adding the understanding of human auditory perception will help to tackle the hard problem of sound quality parameters and to better understand stimulating effects on well-being and cognition of people exposed to sound, but also harmful effects, like annoyance or even deteriorating cognitive performance.

The ITN will provide interdisciplinary and intersectoral research training for excellence. It will structure existing PhD-level training in acoustics setting up European curricula with compatible and recognised courses offered by Universities and private enterprises. Simultaneously it will push the state of the art in vibro-acoustic modelling and in interdisciplinary design optimisation by initiating a joint research effort increasing critical mass. The complementary
structure of the network will make it not to break apart after the ITN project period. It is rather expected that the methodologies used to
analyse, design and optimise transport vehicles, rooms and musical instruments will grow together and will be further developed in an interdisciplinary joint effort.